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dominguez was mesmerizing.

"Juliette’s tortured soliloquy before taking the potion, expressing her fears and doubts, then resolutely drinking it “à toi” – to Roméo – are Shakespeare and Gounod at their most profound; Dominguez was mesmerizing."


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Meryl Dominguez performs "Come in quest'ora bruna" from Verdi's Simon Boccanegra.

in performance

"[Dominguez] plays the titular character of Maria Stuarda, and her interpretation was a revelation: she is no noble victim crushed underfoot by an unjust and jealous rival. Dominguez styles her Maria as more of a proud, shrewd and manipulative player. Employing a whole arsenal of vocal colours and shadings, Dominguez‘s Maria plays upon the heartstrings of all the different characters she is paired with onstage. With Anna, her attendant (sweetly sung by soprano Kenix Tsang), she is playful and almost girlish, tossing out melismas with ease. With Talbot, she is every inch a noble Catholic, calling for justice from the heavens with a velvet timbre. Before a grieving crowd, she is all authority and forgiveness, floating pianissimi, a martyr unto death. Above all, with her suitor Leicester, Dominguez combines lightness of tone with a smoothly liquid line, demonstrating grace and fragility. With him, she is no queen, but an innocent princess requiring rescue." - INTERLUDE HK (Maria Stuarda, Musica Viva Hong Kong 2022)


Promotional photos courtesy of Jiyang Chen, Gillian Reisen, and Thomas Guerrero.

Production photos courtesy of Houston Grand Opera, Academy of Vocal Arts, Knoxville Opera, and Musica Viva Hong Kong.

Promotional photos courtesy of Jiyang Chen, Gillian Reisen, and Thomas Guerrero.

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